RIF 3 Awards for 2021/2022

Victoria NankabirwaVirtual Innovation for sustainable health training program for university faculty
Joseph ErumeProfiling the virulence markers and drivers enabling Escherichia coli to cause neo-natal and post-weaning piglet diarrhea in major pig producing districts of Uganda
Charles Drago KatoAssembling and evaluation of a blood based lateral flow rapid diagnostic test to discriminate between early and late-stage human African trypanosomiasis patients.
John David KabasaDeveloping community-based models of integrated production of bioenergy and indigenous chicken using rice biomass waste (Phase II)
Isaac Newton KayongoSustainability and self reliance model based scaling up the uptake of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) among household in Uganda .
Edward KansiimeCombating malnutrition among school-age children through integration of Nutrition concepts in ECD teacher education curricula in Uganda
Kenneth OkangaFood systems and Zoonotic Pathogens in Uganda: A Robust-Integrated-Sustainable One-Health Approach (FOZURISOH) Project
Twaha A BasambaBuilding Soil Tolerance Thresholds to Reduce Degradation and Enhance Agricultural Productivity in Marginal Highland landscapes of Uganda
Roy William MayegaHoney as an alternative to regular sugar among diabetics: Composition and glycemic response to honey sold on the Ugandan market
Agnes Rwashana SemwangaA Web-based Histopathology Repository System for Breast Cancer Management
Ronald KizitoA Luganda Neural Text-to-Speech system for Health promotion and Accessibility
Namubiru BridgetRedefining Mentorship In The Era Of Crisis: Responding To Healthcare Service Delivery In Grade IV And III Healthcare Centers Through Digital Mentorship.
Frank MwebazeThe role of Social Support in self management of Type 2 diabetes in rural Uganda
Richard EdemaImproving Livelihoods of Small-Scale Producers in Uganda Through Digital Advisory Services
David SerwaddaCharacterizing humoral immune responses to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in South-central Uganda.
Dick Nuwamanya KamugangaUse of Publish Model Information Hubs (Farm Resource Centres) to Accelerate Technology Uptake among Smallholder Farmers in Uganda
Claire Mack MugasaEnhancing the efficiency of emerging entomic meat value chains in Uganda (Part II)
Joab Ezra AgabaAutomatic Generation and Management of Timetables in Public Universities in Uganda
Henry NsubugaStrengthening Psychosocial Support Services At Makerere University
Arthur MugishaComprehensive Evaluation of Blended Learning Uptake at Mak (CEBL)
Joseph KunguStrengthening Implementation Of Animal Source Foods Quality And Safety Standards To Enhance Market Access In Uganda
John Bosco NizeyiEnhancement Of Surveillance Of Covid-19 In Communities Surrounding Bwindi And Mgahinga Mtn Gorilla National Parks
Diana NtamuImplementing a complex Innovative M&E tool; The Dynamic Project Trajectory Tracking Tool to track projects in two selected Colleges of Makerere University
Lilian Mono Wabineno OryemaAI based geospatial interactive platform to boost tourism in Uganda: Visitfortportal OLP
Peter TumutegyereizeDevelopment and promotion of solar powered energy-saving smart electric cook stoves to reduce the cooking carbon footprint in households, institutions and industries:(SE-Cookers)
Rebecca NalubegaAntibiograms of bacterial co-infections and superinfections among COVID-19 cases or contacts and claim evaluation of potential alternative medicines in Uganda.
John Bbale MayanjaPromoting Domestic Tourism in Uganda: An Assessment of Economic Significance and Opportunities for Tourism Stakeholders in Uganda.
Frank KabuyeElectricity Access for All: Exploring alternative options for Electricity accessibility in Uganda
Jonathan KizitoA Speech-to-text model for Ugandan Bantu Languages to aid analysis and Inform Policy
John MutenyoYouth Un-employment, Education Mismatch and Potential Growth Sectors
Rachael Daisy MirembeRe-imagining Real Estate Education In Uganda
Robert MugabiDevelopment of Affordable Nutrient-rich Plant Based F-75 and 100 for Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM)
Badru MusisiPromoting Community Policing By Integrating Soft-Skills In Uganda Police Training Programs (SSIECP)
Freddy Eric Kitutu“COVID-19 misinformation and vaccine hesitancy among healthcare workers and effect on COVID19 vaccination uptake in Uganda
Keneth OkangaDevelopment of Plant Based Silver Nanoproducts for Multidrug Resistant Pathogenic Bacteria (S. suis, Salmonela spp, and E.coli) in pigs
Richard Odoi AdomeDevelopment of a prescription drug monitoring system (PDMS) for opioids and psychotropic drugs in Uganda
Solome NamirimuApiculture value chain improvement project
Edrisa MutebiAdherence to Recommended Feeding Practices and its Related Factors among Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 Patients while in School: Case study- Patients Seeking Care from Diabetic Treatment Centers in Uganda
Siu E. GodfreyStrengthening the Health Sector Systems Workforce in the Prevention and Response to Violence Against Children: A Pilot Project in Mayuge and Amuru Districts
Robinah Nakawunde KulabakoDevelopment of Zeolite-based nanocomposite filters for drinking water treatment in Uganda
Allen NalugwaKampala Ghetto Youth Training For Entrepreneurial Promotion (KGYTEP)
Leonard AtuhaireDevelopment of a Life Table for Mortality Assessment in Uganda
SARAH SYEDDEApplication of a holistic water sanitation and hygiene model through animal waste management in farming communities in Uganda
Richard BALIKOOWAThe aftermath of COVID-19 School Closures: Exploring the Re-entry of Pregnant Girls and Teenage Mothers into Schools
Doreen KyosimirePreserving historical buildings through a digital online Architectural museum and development of conservation planning guidelines of Uganda’s cultural heritage buildings
Anthony Mutebi NsubugaA survey of mosquito species diversity and abundance in Uganda’s Lake Victoria Basin: an assessment of the transmission risk of mosquito-borne arboviruses
Idibu JoachineEstimating intake of cattle grazing heterogeneous pastures using Near Infrared Reflectance spectrophotometry (NIRS) for improved nutrition management and productivity of pasture-based systems (HEPANUT project)
Mukonzo JacksonIvermectin-artemisinin Combination Therapy For The Eradication Of Malaria
Ocaido MichaelOptimisation of integrated control of ticks and tsetse flies in mixed game and livestock interfaces in Uganda
Khamisi MusanjeChallenges of engaging District Local Governments and Implementing Partners in the District Health Planning Process, a case study of Northern Uganda. A mixed method study
Mugizi Rwabiita DenisEpidemiology of bovine tuberculosis: forecasting the contribution of zoonotic tuberculosis to high burden of TB in Karamoja sub region
Perpetra AkiteExploring forage resources for stingless bees in Uganda: The case of Meliponula bocandei
Dr. Emmanuel Kiiza MwesigaDetermining the role of declining financial competency due to dementia on the success of social protection programs in Uganda.
Hasifah Kasujja NamatovuA Real-time Application for Screening Symptoms of Perinatal Depression among Expectant and Postnatal Mothers. (RAPID)
Cosmas OgenmunguAssessment Of The Practicability Of Extended Producer Responsibility (epr) In The Sustainability Of Electronic Waste Management In Uganda
Florence Mutonyi D'ujangaUsing Astronomy And Space Science To Promote Science Education In Schools
omongot samsonValidation of Air pollution particulate matter measurements and characterization of the source apportionment using chemical speciation in urban Kampala
Collins Edward bulafuPioneering technology for mass propagation of quality and affordable bamboo planting materials in Uganda
Peter WaiswaA baseline investigation of Fasciolosis in livestock in selected districts of Eastern Uganda
Lawrence Branco SekaleggaEffects of Music Therapy on Emotional Distress of Cancer Patients: A Case of Uganda Cancer Institute
Dorothy NdagireSero-epidemiological prevalence and molecular characterization of Hepatitis E virus genotypes among domestic pigs in Uganda
Dr Dan NamuguziIcreasing Burden Of Bladder Cancer In Uganda: Risk Factors, Divergent Histopathologic Differentiation, Molecular Characterization And Predictors Of Survival.
Winnie NambatyaAntimicrobial resistance in children with Sickle Cell Anemia receiving sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine or Dihydroartemisinin Piperaquine for long term antimalarial chemoprophylaxis
Henry Ampeire KariisaAssessment of female uptake of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses in Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) institutions in Uganda.
David Kabugo KabugoEnhancing Graduate Students' Retention, Completion, and Throughput at Makerere University through use of a Blended Early Warning System
Tibaingana AnthonyIntegrating Refugees into Economic Activities Through Mobile Entrepreneurship Skilling
George Wicklison KizzaDevelopment of a Locally-Tailored Nutrition Toolkit for Effective Management and Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus in Uganda.
Walimbwa MichaelBuilding capacity for Innovative Assessment in University Education
Sembajwe Lawrence FredThe use of bacteriophages in controlling the emergency of carbapenem resistant Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in Uganda
Simon Peter Sebina KIBIRA KibiraCovid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy In Uganda: A Qualitative Exploration Of The Driving Factors
Esther Buregyeya BuregyeyaWillingness to take COVID-19 vaccine and uptake of locally adapted COVID-19 prevention measures among high-risk populations in Malaba and Mutukula points of entry
David MusokeUsing mHealth to facilitate community health work in urban slums in Kampala, Uganda
Juliet Ntuulo MutandaAn Electronic Dental Records system to improve clinical training and patient outcomes at Makerere University dental teaching hospital.
Aggrey NiringiyeInnovative and Inclusive Approaches to Promote Youth Employment in Uganda
Kamulegeya GraceTracking COVID-19 Critical Care Resources: Development of a web and mobile-based app to improve referral of COVID-19 patients
Ibrahim KarumeProviding Clean and Safe Water to Low-Income Communities using Activated Carbon-Cellulose membrane-based Water filters derived from Disposed Waste
Dr. Alice NabatanziValorisation Of Waste Chicken Feathers For Water Purification: Designing and Constructing Low-Cost Keratin Based Nanofilters As Adsorbents Of Heavy Metals and Nanosized Contaminants
Juma KasoziStochastic model for Sustainable Harvesting of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and Nile Perch (Lates niloticus) Fish Populations on Lake Victoria for Optimal Financial Returns and Monitoring.
Samuel OjelelRemoving barriers to planting of multi-purpose tree species of Uganda
Julius MulindwaInfluence of Gut Microbiome on Nutritional and Disease status of children in Schistosomiasis endemic region of Albert Nile, Pakwach district
Gabriel TumwineOne Health Laboratory Network for Improved Human and Animal Diagnosis of Prioritized Zoonotic Diseases in Uganda
Amulen Deborah RuthCommercialization of propolis powder and infused tea bag for improved health and incomes in Ugandans (Proveno Boost)
Samuel MajalijaExploring the Larvicidal potential of indigenous microbes in the control of malaria vectors in Uganda
Joan Nankya MutyobaFeasibility and cost effectiveness of promoting horizontal integration of diabetes and retinopathy screening services in commercial eye-care centres of Kampala
Rebecca Claire LusobyaThe Arclight Device - A Low Cost Alternative For The Diagnosis Of Common Anterior Segment Eye Diseases By Primary Health Care Workers In Uganda.
Collins AtuheireUse of AI-enabled and advanced statistical tools for forecasting selected Zoonotic Epidemics in Health & Agriculture
Margaret NabasiryeDeveloping aquaculture systems for Mukene for increased food security and income
Henry kyeyuneDetermining the capacity of Uganda’s pharmaceutical supply chain to withstand disruptive effects of recurrent covid-19 and resilience needs
Rita NassangaTraining Non-imaging Clinicians In Rural Ugandan Setting In Focussed Assessement With Sonography For Trauma.
Andrew KatumbaDeep Learning Methods for Rapid and Robust Screening of Tuberculosis from Chest X-ray Images
Ronald KayiwaDigital Skill validation and verification for Refugees
Saadat Nakyejwe KimuliExploring the potential of industrial symbiosis as an innovative strategy to foster sustainable entrepreneurship of micro and small enterprises in Uganda.
Anthony MwijeTowards improved coffee-farm yields by synchronising coffee tree flowering habit amidst a changing climate in Uganda
Amos OchiengHarnessing chimpanzee ecotourism for enhanced conservation and improved livelihoods in Uganda.”
Ms. Dorothy KabgyenyiUnlocking the digital technology competencies of women entrepreneurs as a catalyst for inclusive development in Uganda.
Kenneth ArinaitweWatershed land-use footprint on Lake Victoria sediments: Lake-wide chemical contaminant characterization and stakeholder engagement towards a sustainable pollution-control framework for Ugandan lakes.
Mugisha mikeExperiences of frontline Health care workers (HCWs) with Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Uganda’s Regional Referral Hospitals
Dr. Patrick MusinguziAn innovative e-community governance model for monitoring implementation of catchment restoration and management interventions in River Rwizi sub catchment
Nkonge Douglas KiyinikibiDeveloping a bilingual English-Luganda information and communication technology (ICT) e-dictionary and an App for mobile devices to enhance access to and adoption of ICTs in Uganda (ELITeD)
Peninah AgabaThe effectiveness of Information Education and Communication (IEC) interventions in reducing stigma among Sickle Cell Disease patients in Alebtong district, Uganda
Juliet WakaisukaCredit Risk Management and Loan Performance of Financial Institutions in Uganda
Cornelius SendagireA Low-cost Adaption of the Automated External Defibrillator to Improve the Management of Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest Cases in Ugandan Communities: The Product Development and Pilot testing of the Pumzi Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Kimwero MohammedValidation of Prostate Health Index as a diagnostic biomarker for Prostate Cancer in Uganda
zaina NakabuyeThe State of Mental Health at the work place; a case of Private Primary School Teachers in Wakiso District.
Rhona BainganaUsing the Internet to Incentivize Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Uganda
Byamugisha JosephAlliance For Medical Research Communication (amrc)
Edith Mwebaza BasalirwaDigital Tools for Youth Entrepreneurs living in Slums
Hedwig AchamDeveloping A Photographic Figure-rating Scale To Reduce Malnutritionamong Infants And Young Children Among Low Literate Mothers (llm) In Buyende District
George William MugerwaInspiring young ladies into new ventures by profiling young women in vocational and technical employment
Peter Lating(Enterprise Online Dashboard(EOD)) Leveraging existing VOIP tools to develop and realize Virtual Communities to Foster E-Commerce Development
Patrick SsebugereCapacity of Moringa oleifera and Eichhornia crassipes in removal of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals from wastewater: Towards improved water quality and wastewater management
Besigye Kabahena InnocentEvaluating the use of the primary care assessment tool to improve primary care performance in Tororo District.
Bernard KikaireFevers in Children Diagnostic Project
Eric KatagiryaMulti-drug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae infections at Mulago Hospital – understanding the role of plasmid co-selected antibiotic resistance genes
Aggrey DhabangiIron status and the factors associated Iron deficiency in Ugandan blood donors
Samuel Posian WamalaMitigating the risk of fish diseases in fish farms in Uganda: a continued capacity strengthening of small holder fish farmers and fisheries extension workers
Maureen BasuutaCommunity Based Health Insurance; An Alternative to Health Care Financing in Uganda
Robert GumisirizaProduction of Novel Eco-Charcoal Fuel for Urban dwellers Using Municipal Vegetative Solid Waste and Volcanic Rocks
Francis EboyuIs the Grass Greener the Other Side? Psychological Examination of Experiences and Outcomes of Ugandan Females Migrating for Temporary Labour in the Middle East
Nanyanzi MarionPromoting eco-efficiency and cleaner production for sustainable development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Uganda
Mutauza Simon (Dr)Primary health care sysytems resilience in the face of COVID- 19: Village Health Team preparedness in Uganda.
Owen SserembaEnhancing skills of the actors in wood processing and value addition in small scale wood furniture workshops in Greater Kampala
Ivan SegawaHIV Risk and Factors Associated with Use of Novel Prevention Interventions among Female University Students at Makerere University