The Research Innovation Fund

Makerere University has received special funding from the Government of Uganda to support high impact Research and Innovations that informs national development priorities. This first of the kind initiative arose from a series of discussions between the top university management and Government. The fund illustrates the increasing importance that the Government attaches to Research and Innovation as a catalyst to Uganda’s march towards Middle Income Status. The objective of the fund is to increase the local generation of translatable research and scalable innovations that address key gaps required to drive Uganda’s development agenda, especially the un-funded priorities.

This Financial Year, Makerere University expects to receive a total of 30 Billion Uganda Shillings (equivalent to US$ 8,100,000) under the Government Research and Innovation Fund (RIF). Of this, 15 Billion Ushs has already been disbursed to the University. Government has committed to provide this funding continually for atleast three Financial Years. Makerere University Management has responded promptly: A Framework for Management of the RIF has been developed and approved by the University Council. A multi-sectoral Grants Management Committee (GMC) has been appointed after wide consultations with the Colleges. Available funds are obligated to be spent within the current Financial Year, with tangible results that speak to national priorities. The GMC, therefore, plans to source, vet, select and issue grants to teams and research groups that demonstrate a clear link to development research gaps from Government and its implementing partners.

How Do You Access The Fund?

The Research and Innovation Fund is open to researchers from all academic colleges of Makerere University who have research that aligns with national priorities. The initial round of funding will focus on already existing research and innovation ideas among researchers. Issuance of the initial grants will be based on a competitive process in response to a Request for Applications.

Do you have research and innovation ideas that have a clear connection to and fill critical knowledge gaps in the national development plan, relevant sector development plans, or the sustainable development goals, and are within the framework of Makerere University’s Strategic Plan?

Then the first round of this fund is for you! Subsequent rounds will be based on a research agenda to be drawn from wider consultations with researchers, government sectors, the National Planning Authority, implementing partners, and a review of the University’s Research Agenda. The GMC will in a few days provide more details of the guidelines for the funding opportunity. The GMC is also developing a web-site where you will find regular updates on the fund in addition to planned sensitization at the college level. An e-mail though which you can channel requests for clarification will also soon be shared. Thanks for your continued support as ‘We Build for the Future’!